Hello, I’m Brian, an American copywriter

I live in Portland, United States.

I’m the guy you bring in when the odds are against you.

When you’re up against somebody with more resources and a better-established name. Or as I like to think of it, somebody with more to lose.

I helped establish Nissan as a viable brand back when Honda and Toyota were the only Japanese carmakers being taken seriously. I worked on Continental Airlines’ emergence from bankruptcy. I helped Northern toilet paper take on Charmin, Kenworth take on Freightliner, Yamaha Motorcycles take on Honda, Pepsi take on Coke, and U.S. Bank take on everybody, back in the days when if you said US Bank would someday be a global financial powerhouse, pretty much everybody would have laughed. Everybody except me. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked for category leaders –– Visa, Skippy, Chase Manhattan, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Toyota to name a few –– and I’ve done a tremendous job. But I’d much rather storm the hill than defend it.

My stock in trade is audacity. Some even say that my work is subversive. It is. I’m always looking for a way to subvert the dominant thinking. If you work with me, you will be uncomfortable. But if you work against me, you’ll be even more so.