Hello, I’m Antti, a Finnish copywriter

I live in Helsinki, Finland.

I’m an independent creative director

I am an independent creative director, global brand consultant and bilingual copywriter who works in English and in Finnish with Fortune 500 companies and local start-ups alike often with projects and concepts related to sustainability, equality, change, urbanization, digitalization, human and environmental rights and social impacts, responsibilities and possibilities of brands.

I believe in a bigger purpose than just selling, making a profit or adding value. I am confident that advertising, branding and consulting can do good. More now than ever before. I believe that words matter.

Since switching from world-class feature journalism to advertising and branding in 2014 I have co-operated with some of the finest advertising, design, brand, creative, consulting and communications agencies and film production houses, media companies, museums, artists and think tanks around the world.

I have many roles. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow. Sometimes I do big things, sometimes I do small things. Either way, I help my clients to shape the world towards more equal, more reasonable and more sensible societies. Not just for tomorrow but already today.

Being born in Finland and therefore mastering this weird language of ours I also do transcreation and localization from English to Finnish and vice versa.

Finnish is a beautiful language. You should try it.