Hello, I’m Anthony, an American copywriter

By placing the customer at the forefront of every effort, I bring media, creativity, customers, platforms, and brands together with utter simplicity of voice.

  • Deep TikTok and Amazon experience.
  • Significant success in creating, building and transforming brands.


I have been accused of being a chronic collaborator. Guilty as charged.

But it doesn’t mean my work was produced by a committee. Far from it. It’s my job to push, to nudge and to challenge. Colleagues and clients should always expect my recommendation and rationale. Words and Creative is my product,and I use them to move brands and businesses forward.

Vanilla never moves the needle. And so through brute simplicity of thought, I make the complicated simple and create messages and ideas that stand-out, cut-through and make a difference.

In summary, I am a senior-level strategic and conceptual creative writer with team management experience, specialized in advertising, marketing, brand voice, storytelling, advertising and strategy. I am as comfortable is a boardroom as I am in the outback. (Yes, I grew up in the outback – the place, not the car.)

Nike | Amazon | TikTok | Verizon | Airbnb | LVMH | Brawny | Colgate | Quilted Northen | JPMC | Carnival | AT&T | Wells Fargo | L’Oreal | Diageo | Microsoft | T-Mobile | Chick-Fil-A | Acura | 20th Century | Hyundai | Health

Campaign of the Year. Social Agency of the Year x 2