Hello, I’m Andrea, an American copywriter

I’m a seasoned copywriter and experienced communications specialist with a passion for crafting compelling narratives. During my career spanning over eight years, I’ve navigated the dynamic realms of content creation, internal and external communication, and project management consistently driving results and delivering impactful messaging.

As a versatile bilingual writer fluent in English and German, I thrive on creating impactful content tailored to diverse audiences. From web content, press releases, and articles to brochures and speeches, I have a knack for distilling topics into engaging stories.

My background includes work in the energy sector, with a focus on renewable energy. I have also successfully managed public sector initiatives and created compelling financial content.

I’m passionate about helping businesses and organizations tell their unique stories. What truly sets me apart is my ability to bridge the gap between strategic planning and execution. If you’re seeking a strategic thinker who understands the power of communication in achieving organizational goals, let’s connect. Together, we can craft narratives that win hearts, minds, and markets.