Hello, I’m Abby, an American copywriter

I live in Denver, United Sates.

I’m an ACD and branding specialist

As a senior copywriter and ACD with 15+ years of experience, I co-create with brands and agencies all over the world, providing copywriting, editing, and creative direction.
I specialize in brand identity: writing copy for websites, print and digital ads, video scripts, manifestos, taglines, naming, CRM, and paid media. My favorite industries to write for include outdoor lifestyle, sustainable fashion, luxury automotive, beauty, technology, and food and beverage.
I’ve been told that people like working with me because my writing is fresh, thoughtful, and compelling. One of the things I’m most proud of, brand-wise, is the relationships I’ve formed with my clients — and when word-of-mouth referrals introduce me to even more amazing people.