Hello, I’m Ally, an English copywriter

I live in London, UK

I’m an ex-Corporate Comms professional with experience copywriting for global clients including Lloyds Bank, Klarna and AB Sugar. My expertise is enabling brands to connect with audiences to deliver results. I love using my energy, expertise, professionalism, creativity, and skills as a copywriter to good use to elevate my clients’ campaigns.

A bit about me; I had a very multicultural childhood; I grew up between London and Malaysia with my big wacky family. It’s made me who I am; warm, colourful, dynamic, inquisitive, a bit zany and a great communicator.
During my comms career, I worked for clients including Lloyds Bank, Amadeus, AB Sugar, Klarna and Angel Trains, as well as several international clients, and was heavily involved in launching successful creative campaigns for them. My role within the team was to tell the brand story by creating engaging and exciting copy to grab consumers’ attention and build an emotional connection to the brand.