Hello, I’m Leslie, Copywriter Collective’s #1 copywriter from San Diego. What is a copywriter? I’m a curious storyteller with a successful track record in creating and delivering award-winning campaigns for leading brands and agencies.

Best San Diego Copywriter / Award-winning Copywriter in San Diego

With experience managing and collaborating with teams, I execute on-time, on-strategy, and on-budget for a variety of mediums and platforms.

I graduated in Advertising from University of Texas at Austin, and went on to Portfolio Center in Atlanta to earn a Certificate of Copywriting.

When I’m not igniting brands and creating cutting-edge content, you'll find me sailing, cooking or yoga-ing.


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Part of the well-curated team of copywriters here at Copywriter Collective, Leslie is here to help you reach your market, and grow your business through creative advertising.

Whether you need targeted web copy, fresh content or a new tone of voice, we have it covered. And all written by an expert San Diego copywriter.

Or, if you need your copy translated to English, or into another language, you can rely on our experienced copywriters to take charge of your project.

Check out what our talented pool of creatives at Copywriter Collective can do for you now.

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A few of my high-profile clients include Asics, Intel, Sony, Pfizer, Google, Four Seasons, Canon, Brita, Smart Car, BayCare, Arizona Dept of Health, and Carnival Cruise Lines.


Read about some of my key projects here.


1) I pledge allegiance to my body.


Writing for healthcare is one of my strengths. This female empowerment campaign for BayCare encourages women to take time out for their health with an online pledge.

Sample copy :

I pledge allegiance to my body. To do regular self exams and spot-checks. To focus on taking just as much care of myself as I do for others. To talk about the uncomfortable topics and make the necessary appointments. I pledge to take time out for my health.


BayCare Healthcare in Tampa Bay, Florida


“Working with Leslie is wonderful. She quickly integrated into the team and brought a sense of professionalism and experience even within a tight timeline. One of the things I enjoy most is the diversity of thinking in her ideas. That variety of tone, voice and concept is sometimes difficult to find, but great for igniting and elevating ideas within the larger team.”

  - Elliott Bedinghaus, VP of Creative at SPARK-

2) Airy. Grounded.


Crafting copy for world-leading travel, hospitality brands, and upscale real estate is what I do best.

Full of contradictions, this campaign for The Mark attracted prospects interested in an urban upscale lifestyle.

Sample copy :

A retreat within. Fitness, Pool & Spa. 33 Stories. 53 Floorplans. 2 Models await you.


The Mark Condos in Downtown San Diego’s happening East Village.


“I recommend Leslie Roolvink as a writer, especially for life-style related assignments. During her nearly 3-year tenure at Greenhaus, Leslie worked on a wide variety of community, destination and hospitality clients. Her work was always engaging, credible, and succinct. Her style is highly adaptable and lives happily in print, web, and broadcast applications.

You will find her to be thoughtful, pleasant and accommodating to collaborate with. She will prove to be an excellent free-lance resource or new hire for any company needing consumer-based copy.”

  - Craig Fuller, Principal, Greenhaus-

3) Tobacco. Tumor causing, teeth staining, smelly, puking habit.


I started my career concepting and writing broadcast and video spots for Arizona Dept of Health. This TV spot, 'Recovery Time,' targets adolescents with a smoking prevention message.

Sample copy :

Broken Metacarpal. Recovery Time: 6 weeks

Torn Achilles. Recovery Time: 6 months

Larynx Cancer. Recovery Time: Life


Rock music over extreme sports footage


“Leslie rocks! She is an amazingly talented creative writer who inspires everyone around her. Leslie created award-winning campaigns for our clients at RIESTER. She also contributed her consistently positive attitude and style. I'm grateful for the time she worked at our firm.”


- Tim Riester, Owner, RIESTER-


More about Leslie

I'm a Copywriter/ Creative Director in advertising and brand marketing with 15+ years experience. My career spans both digital and traditional agencies, in the U.S. and abroad.

As Senior Writer for Asics in Berlin, I created campaigns that 'ran' across Europe.


Sample copy :

The speed of light = 299792458m/sec. Ah, we can beat that.


Senior Writer for Asics


In this campaign for Four Seasons Residence Club in Carlsbad, I created an upscale brand for Driftwood Spa, Seasons Restaurant, and Private Events.


Sample copy :

Escape to tranquility. Melt away tension, and drift away in our spa sanctuary. Our signature treatments will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated.


ACD / Copywriter for Four Seasons


As a senior copywriter and lifestyle brand writer in San Diego, I’ve had the chance to work on a number of prestigious advertising campaigns. My SEO copywriting work has helped clients move up in their Google page search.

My other advertising and marketing specialties include web content writing, digital ads, integrated campaigns, articles, social media, direct mail, strategic-conceptual-creative collaboration, and carefully crafted copy and headlines that reflect your brand voice.

In addition to my work in a variety of sectors—consumer goods, lifestyle, financial, electronics, technology, luxury, hospitality, industrial, and automotive—I have also worked in the medical industry with pharma, healthcare, and biotech writing experience.

I’m based in San Diego, but am bi-coastal with clients across the U.S. including: Pfizer Global Women’s Health, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, Flo-Stat, BayCare Healthcare, Merck, True Health, and ClarisonicSkinCare Systems.

A few more of my high-profile clients include: Asics Europe, Intel, Four Seasons, Coca Cola Co, Carnival Cruise Lines, Sony, Smart Car, Cliff Castle Casino, and Phillips electronics.

With my diverse experience and successful track record, I can confidently tackle your project. I look forward to meeting with you! Passionate about what I do, I’m a freelance copywriter and creative director living in San Diego, so it’s easy to meet up for a coffee, or catch a wave.

My hourly rate is $115 per hour. Please send me your lovely brief, and let’s get cracking!  

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We only select the best, tried and tested copywriters here at Copywriter Collective. Selected for their experience and talent, we are known for matching the best writer to any project. If you need a native English-speaking freelancer to spice up your copy and attract bigger audiences, Leslie is your go-to copywriter in San Diego.

Our clever copywriters come from around the world, and are selected to pair with our eclectic, international portfolio of clients. Covering any platform, language and location, your brand will get VIP treatment every time.

We know that copy from locally-based copywriters is the smart way to answering your brief. That way, you’ll get the right person, with the right insight and experience for the job. Whether you need a translation, punchy article, or branding, we are here for you in San Diego. When you need the home-grown talent of a local San Diego copywriter, our copywriters are right here for your advertising and marketing needs.

Plus, because we’re just around the corner, we can meet in person to chat through your brief. Contact us now to get in touch with Leslie, our very own San Diego team member.


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