Hi! I’m Helen, Copywriter Collective’s Munich-based copywriter. I offer clients native English expertise gained from more than 20 years of experience as a copywriter and communications professional.

  Native English Copywriter in Munich  

I offer three core copywriting services: Corporate writing, ghost-writing and transcreation from German to English.

You can see some of my samples here.

My rate is €60 per hour. I can also provide a project quote, based on a detailed brief and agreed scope.


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Part of the hand-picked team of copywriters here at Copywriter Collective, Helen is here to help you smooth out your tone of voice for an English-speaking audience.

Whether you need targeted web copy, fresh content or a new tone of voice, we have it covered. And all written by an expert Munich copywriter.

Or, if you need your copy translating to English, or into another language, you can rely on our experienced copywriters to take charge of your project.

Check out what our talented pool of copywriters at Copywriter Collective can do for you now.

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Corporate copy: I specialise in working with corporate jargon, intricate technical information and detailed research data in order to produce copy that is clear, concise and understandable. For example, as copywriter for the European Inventor Award, I have written award entries, web profiles, press releases and fact sheets for complex medical innovations. My other corporate clients include a research agency, a patent-granting authority, a couple of NGOs and several financial organisations.

Ghost-writing: Do you have a great idea but neither the time nor the expertise to get it down in writing? Whether it be books, speeches, by-lined features, blogs or expert articles, I am able to work with your ideas, your tone of voice and your chosen platform. One of my ghost-writing customers is a busy CEO who wanted to write a series of business books - at one stage, the first book to come out of our writing partnership was the bestseller in Waterstones under the category of ‘Leadership’.

Transcreation: My clients often create perfect copy in German and then face the daunting task of translating it into English, whilst retaining the tone and message of the original. Transcreation is so much more than word-for-word translation: I take the subtleties of your German text and mirror them in English. I have transcreated the entire website of a small start-up management consultancy and regularly develop brand profiles for a pharmaceutical company.


My key strength is writing about complex topics in a style that fully engages the reader.


1) International Diabetes Federation

Editing and copywriting for the Diabetes Atlas; a global report considered to be the authoritative resource on the disease.

Sample copy :

Diabetes can cause appalling, and often unnecessary, personal suffering. It is also an economic burden for every country around the world. It is time for governments to step in and educate their people on lifestyle changes, implement programmes for early diagnosis and provide adequate support and care for those that already have the disease.

  International Diabetes Federation    

“Helen was a pleasure to work with. She showed a deep understanding of the topic and was able to produce original copy of an extremely high quality, as well as editing existing text to make it cleaner, more concise and generally better. She has an eye for detail that makes her an excellent proof-reader. She was also able to go one step further than your ‘usual’ copywriter, in suggesting layout ideas, images and infographics to help explain the text.”

-Isobel Head, IDF-


2) Allianz: one of the largest financial services providers in the world

Copywriting and editing for global projects such as the HR Transformation Program, Market Management Report and Diversity Initiative. One of the core team of copywriters responsible for the relaunch of the Global Intranet.

Sample copy :

The customer is constantly changing. The growth of hybrid customers, who switch between digital and traditional channels, is both a challenge and an opportunity. The only way to respond is with a business model that seamlessly combines the online and offline worlds in order to deliver the desired customer experience.

  Allianz in Germany    

“Working with Helen has been a delight. She quickly grasps the matter at hand, makes proposals and effectively translates everything into crisp language and matching images. We are very happy with the results – the text as well as look-and-feel of what she produced have been very well received by the target groups.”

-Andrea Hierholzer, Allianz-


3) The Little Guide to Leadership

Do you need help turning your idea into a book? I ghost-write business books for busy people with good ideas and build blogs to help market the finished product.

Sample copy :

Leaders must accept that every organisation is made up of people with different aspirations and desires; some will have great professional ambitions and abundant confidence, some will have less ambition, still finding their way around, and some will have little or no ambition and consider work as simply a means to an end.

  The Little Guide to Leadership    

“Helen went far and beyond pure ghost writing. She guided me through the writing process, made suggestions when she didn’t agree with the direction I was going in and questioned assumptions that I had made in order to ensure the best possible content for the book. She was able to take my ideas and my tone of voice and turn it not just into perfect English, but also into a compelling storyline. She was utterly professional to work with, met every deadline and responded quickly to last minute requests.”

-Tony Benitez, Author-


More about Helen


I have spent nearly twenty years writing professionally whilst working in roles that cover almost every form of communications: Press Liaison, Public Relations, Internal Communications, Project Communications, Crisis Communications and In-House Editor.

Writing is the core skill of any communications professional, and being adaptable enough to tailor your writing to different media and audiences is what makes a good communications professional. During my career I have written countless press releases, newsletters, online content, briefing documents, reports, brochures, speeches, elevator speeches, video scripts, proposal documents and official emails.

The industries that I have worked in are diverse and varied, each requiring a unique ‘voice’ and teaching me a new style of writing. My CV includes an international law firm (, a global management consultancy (, a small public relations company, a British police force ( and one of the largest financial service providers in the world (

In December 2013 I made the decision to leave the corporate world and set up on my own as a Freelance native English writer, based in Munich, Germany. Writing has always been what made me love my chosen profession, so I wanted to move away from the complexities of climbing the corporate ladder and get back to doing what I loved.

It is, however, impossible for me to ‘only write’; just as you cannot be good at communications without being good at writing, it is difficult to write good corporate content without using communication skills to help focus on the messaging, target the right audience and incorporate stakeholder viewpoints. My customers value the unique package I offer, with my communications background, my writing skills and my knowledge of the corporate world. All delivered in perfect English, of course !


More about Copywriter Collective Munich


We only select the best, tried and tested copywriters here at Copywriter Collective. Picked for their experience and talent, we can always match the best writer to any project. Of course our Munich-based copywriters deliver high quality native-English written content, but they are also able to speak German, so you can communicate and brief them in your own language.

Our clever copywriters are selected to slot in with our eclectic, international portfolio of clients. Covering any platform, language and location, your brand will get VIP treatment every time.

We know that copy from locally-based copywriters is the smart way to answering any brief. That way, you’ll get the right person, with the right insight and experience for the job. Whether you need a translation, punchy article, or branding. Our native-English copywriters in Munich, are here for you.

Plus, because we’re just around the corner, and able to speak German, we can meet in person to chat through your brief. Contact us now to get in touch with Helen, our very own Munich team member.




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