Hello, I’m Lucy, an English copywriter

I’m based in Singapore and London.

I’m a Creative copywriter

I’ve specialized in storytelling for fashion and beauty retail brands for over a decade. I’m a creative copywriter, editor, content strategist and editorial manager.

After a short freelance stint at Skyscanner 10 years ago, I began my copywriting career at QVC UK where I learnt how to write for websites, emails, blogs and social media. Much has changed since then! I moved into fashion retail, working with brands such as Jacques Vert, Precis Petite, Kaliko, Windsmoor, Planet and Mint Velvet. I managed all copy, content and editorial strategies and teams of copywriters and social media execs.

Today, I’m a freelance copywriter with a wealth of experience in online and print content, mainly within the beauty industry. My most recent contract was for Boots Walgreen Alliance, working on copy for Soap & Glory, No7, Champneys and Botanics.

My passion is creating content to bring a brand to life. I love developing the brand voice and using that in all channels. I write and edit content for all online and offline channels including websites, emails, blogs, articles, social media, marketing collateral, campaign copy, in-store point of sale, magazines and brochures.