Hello, I’m Kuba, Polish copywriter

I live in Warsaw, Poland.

My name is Kuba and I’m a copywriter and creative – this is pretty much how I start most of my meetings and pitches, and this is what actually summarizes me as a person. I’m an IT and Econometrics graduate, who decided that computers and spreadsheets are better off left with someone else and I create ads since 2007. During my years in the business I enjoyed working for such large clients as Henkel, Nestle, UEFA, MARS, Orange, Fujitsu or Zubrowka and dozens of smaller ones, including creating two of the most successful Polish Kickstarter campaigns – Zortrax M200 and NeuroOn. What I do? 360º, including creative direction and voice over direction, concepting, short and long copy. What I enjoy the most? Good BTL and ambient advertising and good work in general. My craziest project? A year of lifestyle blogging as four different young female brand heroes.