Hello, I’m Jason, an American copywriter

I live in New York, United States.

I’ve worked as a waiter, theme park spotlight operator, lawyer’s assistant, mall sales associate, hospital file clerk, stage manager, celebrity personal assistant, cruise ship crew member, theater producer, and I’m currently a writer and the co-founder of a creative studio I See What You Did There.

My work for brands includes HBO’s award-winning immersive theater show SXSWestworld (“one of the best publicity stunts of the 21st century” – AV Club), launching a new Apple phone with the world’s first AR scavenger hunt (“prepare for a new kind of ad to take over your city” – FastCo), creating a Samsung music video composed of over 200 looping GIFs, and working in-house at Facebook and The New York Times. I’ve been described by Huffington Post as “a social media savant,” and my work has been described by The Verge as “subtle, enigmatic, and really tasteful.”