Hello, I’m Gerard, a Dutch copywriter

I’m Dutch and I live in Santiago, Chile.

Multi-award winning, trilingual (NL/EN/ES) creative director Art/Copy with 40 years of experience in advertising, direct marketing, B2B, BtL and digital. Has written for clients in Australia, Chile, the Netherlands, United States and South Africa. Master in strategy and Google Webmaster. Published “Imagina lo Imposible” – a book about applied creativity – in May 2015 (ES, paperback and Kindle), and is about to publish the English version, called “Imagine the Impossible”, in the second half of 2017. Writes, since 2009, a bilingual blog (EN/ES) about photography with 3.000 unique visitors per month and collaborates with Wikipedia and Wikimedia since 2006. Has created several Dutch and Spanish language packs for the B2 Evolution blogging software.