Hello, I’m Gennifer, an American copywriter

I live in New York, USA.

Every curl on my head is an idea! I’m a wildly creative and imaginative Sr Copywriter with a reputable marketing communications background in many industries.

For 30+ years, my writing has appeared in best-selling books, award-winning sales materials and advertising campaigns, buzz-worthy press releases, diplomatic text responses and educational blogs and articles. My writing career began with US TV networks including Viacom’s Nickelodeon and NBC Universal’s Bravo.

I’ve developed copy and messaging for: lifestyle brands (Essence), educational programs (Kris Jenner’s masterclass.com course about branding) and media (Diversity in Action Magazine). I’ve also served many small business owners in industries like the spiritual and healing arts, law, corporate real estate, food rescue and music (I was the ghost writer for Roberta Flack’s social media posts for her 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award GRAMMY).

Whether you are wearing tattoos or a tie, I’m your girl. I’m a collaborative and diplomatic partner who pulls from my own untraditional background to think bigger picture and curate the right words for your project.

I’m certified in SEO, I have extensive training and experience in DEI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and one of my life goals is to rebrand the NYC pigeon. Ready when you are!