Hello, I’m Francis, an English copywriter

I live in Donegal, Ireland

I’m an Irish copywriter

I’m Fran, an English copywriter from Ireland. I’m an engineer turned writer, a thinker turned feeler. And with a mind that extends between both camps, I’m as at home writing for a niche audience as I am writing something thought-provoking for the masses.

In the cycling industry, I create articles, blogs, product names and descriptions to help brands establish themselves. With experience in SEO, I optimise for both google and the human mind with engaging but structured content. And as a lifelong competitive cyclist, I know the sport from the inside out, from the science to the gear.

I also write for the medicinal cannabis industry. I write articles that steer cultural thought in a positive direction to help ensure the smooth and responsible reintegration of cannabis back into our society.

Aside from that, I try to live a life on the path of humble self-improvement these days. One with the aim of ultimately benefiting the collective masses in whatever way my talents allow. And for now, that’s through my words. 

If you think I can help you, reach out and let’s bounce some ideas.