Hello, I’m Chelsea, an American copywriter

I live in Brooklyn, United Sates.

I’m a copywriter with a passion for beauty & wellness. I’ll help you reach your ideal audience, establish your authority, and sell more products and services.

Hi there! I’m Chelsea, a Brooklyn based freelance copywriter and lover of all things beauty & wellness. I’m passionate about helping great businesses acquire customers and increase sales through effective copywriting and storytelling.

Before launching my freelance writing career, I spent 10 years working in tech startups. Though beauty & wellness is my primary niche, I also have experience writing for businesses in the technology, marketing, and e-commerce industries.

Notably, I’ve written for companies like NARS, ZipRecruiter, and Highwire PR. I write SEO blogs, web copy, landing pages, emails, social posts, and more! I’ve been certified for SEO & Content Marketing through HubSpot Academy. When you work with me, you can expect well-researched,professional copy designed to help you reach your ideal audience. I look forward to connecting with you!