Hello, I’m Anja, a Serbian copywriter

I live in Belgrade, Serbia.

I base my everyday existence on the power of words. 15 years in journalism, proudly based on artistic and phenomenological stories, made me interesting, strange, different words my good Friends. In my twenties, I worked on prestigious national TV stations as an author of TV shows, journalist, anchor and reporter. This career enabled me to meet a great diversity of people and learn a lot about human nature.

    *     *     *

In my late twenties and early thirties, I broadened my relationship with words, by adding the skill of copywriting. Successful Ad agencies had given me a chance to learn, develop and master the skill of understanding the NEED, shaping the WILL, and creating the STORY. So far I have worked on various projects with clients from all industries: car – industry, food, health, banking, fashion etc.