Writing sales emails: dos and don’ts

Have you just begun writing emails? Do you want to feel confident when emailing a client? Don't worry! Here are the 10 tips for writing sales emails: DO 1. Focus on a single sales message Have a very clear purpose before you even begin.…

Copywriting do’s and don’ts (Pt I – the do’s)

Sometimes the things you see in print just make you cringe! How did the copywriter get away with that? What were they thinking.So here's part one of 'Copywriting do's and don'ts'. Let's start with some things you've just got to do. 1.…

How to write a press release

Some writers groan a bit when faced with a press release to write. Is this what I got into copywriting for? Shouldn’t I be away on a Tahitian island doing a photoshoot for some ad what I wrote? Welcome to the real world! Press releases are…