Hi! I’m Clio, Copywriter Collective’s very own Manchester copywriter.  Experienced, targeted and creative, not to mention ultra-reliable, I’ve worked with agencies like Stratton Craig, iThink Media, LocalEyes and Media Monks.

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My glossy portfolio features the likes of Radisson Blu, Kinder and eBay. I also work with smaller brands here in the city of Manchester, and all over the world. Creating compelling content, and expertly crafted copy is my specialty. Whether that’s online, or on the printed page. Take a look at my copywriting samples here.

Put yourself in a pair of safe hands and send me your brief today. My hourly rate is £60 p/h.


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Part of the hand-picked team of copywriters here at Copywriter Collective, Clio is here to help you smooth out your tone of voice for an English-speaking audience. Whether you need targeted web copy, fresh content or a new tone of voice, we have it covered. And all written by an expert Manchester copywriter. Or, if you need your copy translating to English, or into another language, you can rely on our experienced copywriters to take charge of your project.

Check out what our talented pool of copywriters at Copywriter Collective can do for you now.

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Copywriter Collective, Manchester, 22 Delamere Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 5QL

CALL CLIO + 44 (0) 203 695 1378

During my time, I’ve worked as an editorial assistant, a media account manager, a copywriter and an agency project manager. This handy melting pot of experience means two big things. I understand how above and below the line campaigns slot together, and I know how to deliver first-class customer service.

Read about some of my key projects here.

1) Fragrance Direct: The smell of Manchester

Writing for lifestyle brands is something I’ve got a great name for. Fragrance Direct are just one of my top picks.

Sample copy :

Using only natural, authentic ingredients, DECLÉOR Paris have been making luxuriant skin treatments for over three decades. Designed to make you feel good outside and in, these expertly crafted products not only nourish, they also use aromatherapy to help you relax and unwind.

Fragrance Direct in Manchester

"Clio is a terrific copywriter who delivers consistently strong work whilst adhering to tight deadlines.

She’s a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her services to anyone!”

-Jonathan Bracewell, Fragrance Direct

2) Giving guests a true Manchester welcome

Creating copy for world-leading travel and hospitality brands is what I do best.

Sample copy :

Meetings made easy -  There’s a science behind creating perfect meeting conditions. That’s why we’ve spent time designing the very best event and conference facilities you can imagine.Radisson Blu in Manchester

"Clio's patience and flexibility to client needs is refreshing. She's a talented lifestyle writer who will take the time to understand a brief and work with you to make sure it's right."

-Paige Richardson, Stratton Craig.


3) Hi-tech copywriting solutions

Tech and software is big business in Manchester, and I’ve had the chance to work with a collection of ground-breaking companies.

Sample copy:

Empowering tech start-ups with the best tools to scale-up is our speciality. We bring together people and technology as an integrated solution to scaling-up. But that's not all. It's our job to obsess over the details to make sure everything's covered, with a fuss free and common sense approach.

CLOS Consultancy in Manchester

"Clio’s ability to understand key messaging and provide copy relevant to different audiences is exceptional."

-Rebecca Taylor, CLOS Consultancy.


More about Copywriter Collective Manchester


We only select the best, tried and tested copywriters here at Copywriter Collective. Picked for their experience and talent, we can always match the best writer to any project. If you need a native English-speaking freelancer to spice up your copy and attract bigger audiences, our pool of freelancers based in Manchester can help.

Our clever copywriters are selected to slot in with our eclectic, international portfolio of clients. Covering any platform, language and location, your brand will get VIP treatment every time.

We know that copy from locally-based copywriters is the smart way to answering any brief. That way, you’ll get the right person, with the right insight and experience for the job. Whether you need a translation, punchy article, or branding. Here in Manchester, the home-grown talent of local copywriters are here for you.

Plus, because we’re just around the corner, we can meet in person to chat through your brief. Contact us now to get in touch with Clio, our very own Manchester team member.

Effective SEO Copy

Optimised content is one sure fire way of boosting search engine results. You can be a small business, and still pack a punch online with the right SEO strategy.

Your search results will climb the rankings with great content. In a digitally-driven world, having a solid online presence has never been more important, and it’s all powered by connecting keywords to your brand. With optimised content, you can drive more people to your social media pages and website.

Copywriters with the right knowhow will create SEO-savvy content to help you get to the top of search engine rankings. Along with having great SEO knowledge, our copywriters have a full-proof understanding of UK and international markets.

Plus, we’ll look at your USPs to develop concise content that gets attention. Just what you need to convert those internet searches into sales leads.

We also offer robust marketing expertise when it comes to tracking, measuring, and reporting results. It’s details like this that will help you translate audiences into sale leads.

For our international team, a local focus is what really matters. We can put you in touch with a marketing expert based right there in Manchester now. Whether you fancy meeting them face-to-fact, or over Skype, we can work with you and take it from there, chatting though your brand’s communication needs.

Get in touch for an introduction to our local Manchester team now. Or, browse our network of Manchester copywriters to see who fits your project best.


CALL CLIO + 44 78 67 47 58 79

Copywriter Collective, Manchester,

22 Delamere Road, Flixton,

Manchester, M41 5QL


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