How much does a copywriter cost

How much does a copywriter cost?

Good question. Fair question. Relevant question. But also a bit vague. There are quite a few factors that influence the hourly rate or budget of a copywriter. In this blog, we give you some insight into hourly rates and the hows and whys behind…
Fiction-writing and copywriting have long been intertwined in my mind.fiction-writing-copywritercollective

Found a copywriter? How do you make sure they write what you want?

So, you've decided to have your business' texts written by a professional and you have found a copywriter via your network, Google or an agency. The next question immediately arises: how do you make a good briefing for a copywriter? There are…
Dutch freelance copywriter to sharpen up your web contentDutch-copywriter-copywritercollective

The perfect Dutch freelance copywriter for your next project

Are you looking for a Dutch freelance copywriter to sharpen up your web content? You may be looking for a freelance SEO copywriter who will raise your Google rankings. Or do you need some good copy for an online B-2-B campaign? We have answered…