Diversify your income in Covid-19 with transcreation

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many people around the world to work from home and we're facing a recession because of it. Many are finding ways to adjust under quarantine through productivity tips, especially since the lack of social interaction…

Do you need new clients if you have a demanding workload?

I’m currently working on four different projects. Yes, don't be alarmed. I still eat, shower, read a book before going to sleep, and spend weekends on a road trip or outdoors. Did I also mention that I run a full household with my twin toddlers,…
transcreation guide

An insider’s guide to: transcreation

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In a series of three small articles, Claudine, freelancer in Translation, Transcreation and Copywriting, highlights the key features any freelancer should focus on to succeed in these areas. Part 2 is an overview of what a transcreation project…