What kind of copywriter are you?

Whether you work freelance or for an agency, there are several different guises that we copywriters come in. 1. Business to consumer (b-to-c) copywriter This kind of copywriter is the type you’d see in movies, the wild and wacky guy (invariably…
Not the normal tips for being a freelance copywriter

Not the normal tips for being a freelance copywriter

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Maybe it’s the economy but there’s been a lot more interest in the idea of making money as a freelance copywriter over the last year or so. While being a successful freelancer isn’t something you can learn completely from a €5 ebook,…
write a press release - newspaper

How to write a press release

Some writers groan a bit when faced with a press release to write. Is this what I got into copywriting for? Shouldn’t I be away on a Tahitian island doing a photoshoot for some ad what I wrote? Welcome to the real world! Press releases are…
fans and followers are the new backlinks

SEO tips: ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ are the new backlinks

Here's some handy SEO tips. Many freelancers depend on a high Google-ranking for a large portion of their work. But Google is changing the way it ranks websites. The traditional Pagerank system is changing to social networks. It’s time for…
fiverr seo gives everyone easy access to SEO optimisation

If you haven’t seen the website before, go now. It’s one of those brilliantly simple internet ideas that has taken off big time. There are millions of users offering their services for $5 a pop. There are all sorts of weird and…
WordPress for websites

WordPress for websites: WordPress will give your SEO a boost

Wordpress websites are taking over. Good news for most freelancers, except web designers of course. Now anyone can design and edit their own website without paying thousands to the designer for the initial website, and then extra every time…
Internet marketing is a fallacy

Internet marketing is a fallacy

Does internet marketing work for freelance creatives? The internet as a tool for new business is a fallacy. It's still in its infancy so it's making all the claims that advertising did when it started. That it can turn you into a success overnight.…
copywriting guide

An insider’s guide to: copywriting

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In a series of three articles, Claudine, a French freelancer in Translation, Transcreation and Copywriting, highlights the key features any freelancer should focus on to succeed in these areas. As representing the most creative side of these…