Things to do in Hounslow when you’re still alive

The spike in stabbings across Hounslow prompted the Copywriter Collective’s Fraser Bailey to recall his time as an advertising student in the area. On 22 March 2019, 17-year old Abdirashid Mohamoud was stabbed to death in Isleworth, a west…

Pampered clients, the Mexican government and the toughest audience in the world

We recently caught up with copywriter of many parts Simon D-T to mull over a career that has been many things but never boring. You've won innumerable international awards. What's the best ad of yours that never got made or never won an award. The…

Nevermind the ‘lance’ The important bit is ‘free’

Once upon a time in the West End …Apart from a year as CD on Barclay’s at Leo Burnett London in 2009, I’ve been working for myself since 1995.When I started doing it, freelance was pretty much a euphemism for ‘Can’t Get A Job’.…