Joining Copywriter Collective

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about joining Copywriter Collective and information about how to apply.

Who can join? 

We look for freelancers with a minimum of five years experience. Awards aren’t a prerequisite but they are advantageous. As is international experience. Copywriting work samples from within the last 10 years are preferred. Good English is a must – not just for native-English copywriters.

How does CC handle copywriting work? 

We are more like a recruitment company than an agent. Our clients are advertising agencies and we try to find them the best freelancer at the best price. We’re not like an actor’s agent where the agent represents a small number of people and takes a big cut of ALL work you do. That’s why we there’s no membership fee and we don’t demand exclusivity.

Is there a fee for joining CC? 

There is no charge. Our percentage is incorporated into the rate we charge the agency. If we never get you any copywriting work you never pay anything.

Who covers travel and accommodation costs? 

We negotiate this on a job by job basis. Sometimes you might want to be competitive with local freelancers, so you absorb the cost. Other times the agency wants a particular freelancer and is prepared to pay extra for them to work on site.

Who pays me? CC or the client? 

We pay you. You invoice us and we invoice the agency or company.

How long does payment take? 

Our standard terms ask for 15 days, but some companies have longer terms. We pay you once we’ve received the money.

Does CC need more copywriters?

Yes. We have so many copywriters on the website because we have to cover every nationality, location and discipline. If we get a job for an English copywriter in Amsterdam for example, then we need a few options to choose as some people will be busy and others on holiday.

Do you demand exclusivity? 

We don’t. You’re free to work for your own clients directly. We do ask that you don’t join another agent. This has caused confusion for agencies in the past when we both recommended the same freelancer. Now we have agreements with many not to represent their freelancers.

I already do copywriting work for lots of clients and I’m worried about going on the website. What happens if I already work for a client? 

The agency will tell us if they already know you. It’s never a problem.

Do I have to sign anything with you?

Yes. We have a standard agreement that covers us against liability and other factors. Once you upload your work to the site you have to click to accept it.

If I work for agency and then months later they call me directly for more copywriting work, do I still have to go through CC?

Yes. You will be in breach of contract if you don’t, but more than that, we rely on an element of trust.

If I do work for an agency and meet someone there in another division. OR the traffic manager leaves and gets a job somewhere else then calls me for work do I still have to go through Copywriter Collective?

Also yes. All work that you get arising from contact made during a job through Copywriter Collective must go through Copywriter Collective. Without that you wouldn’t have the new job. We need to make money to get you more work. Our busiest copywriters are the ones we trust the most.

OK. So how do I apply join?

Simply send Rachele our Talent Manager a link to your website by email or 6-10 of your best samples.