About Copywriter Collective

We are the world’s leading agent for copywriters, supplying writers and creatives to work on projects for domestic and internationally renowned brands. Membership of Copywriter Collective will open you to a whole range of potential clients and interesting projects.

The majority of our clients are based in Europe, but we also get jobs from other countries and our reach is expanding fast. Some jobs are on-site while others are off-site. The location of the copywriter vs the location of the client is often less important than the

Membershipcompatibility between freelancer and task. Sometimes being on a different continent can even be of benefit if a job is urgent and can be done ‘over-night’.Some tasks require a copywriter for an hour, others for several months. One common factor though is that clients will often leave it till the last minute before booking a copywriter, so your fast response to our communication and flexibility to work at short-notice are essential.

What do you want as a freelance copywriter? If it’s more clients and more interesting projects, then Copywriter Collective can help you. Once you register with us you are visible to the biggest agencies and clients who come looking through our site. So apply now.

How to apply: Please send an introductory email to our Talent Manager – Rachele Vedovotto – with you CV and a link to your copywriting work samples (please don’t email large files) on your website or to a drop box folder, or send via Wetransfer. We need JPEGs of published work – no word documents. He will review your work and decide if you are right for us.

Collective membership = more copywriting work

We welcome applications from copywriters of all specialties and nationalities. If you think your profile is up to the standard of those you already see on this website then we’d love to hear from you. If you think you’ve got what our clients need, you can send your CV and some samples of your work to our Talent Manager Rachele then we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember that your on-site profile will only be as good as the information you give us. This is your opportunity to show off your advertising talents by selling yourself to our clients!

The benefits of freelancing with us include: 

No start-up costs

We can supply you with business cards and an email address free of charge. You will have your own section on our website.

More work

It doesn’t cost anything to join us and it’s not exclusive – you can still look for your own clients.

International representation

Why restrict yourself to one country? We can offer you the chance to travel to different countries and work on a wider variety of briefs.

Minimum administration

Online timesheet system tracks your jobs with Copywriter Collective so you don’t forget to invoice hours you’ve worked. It also creates your invoice for us with one click – cutting administration hours enormously.

Prompt payment

Don’t wait months and months to get paid. Our terms and conditions demand faster payment and we will do the chasing for you.

Earn commission

Never turn down work again. Pass it on to someone else and earn commission.


Contracts and terms and conditions with our customers help to protect your interests.


Our trained agents will help you with every aspect of the financial and administrative aspects of a job. Or if you need help from another professional while on the job, there are other members of Copywriter Collective to help you.

Specialise or diversify

If you want to specialise in a specific area we can put you forward for jobs in this area. Or if you’re looking for a change, we can help you get work in new areas.

Benefit by association

You will be promoted as part of the best team of advertising copywriters in the world. We have 35,000 advertising contacts across Europe who are advised whenever a new member joins us.

Enter awards

It can be frustrating when you produce excellent work but the agency doesn’t want to enter it for awards. Copywriter Collective can help you.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for the answers.