What is a copywriter? Learn everything you need to know about copywriters

What is a copywriter?

Ever wondered what a copywriter actually does? The clearest definition of a copywriter would be someone who writes texts and content for advertising, promotion or publicity material. That means that any text you might come across in branding or advertising would be written by a copywriter. You’d be surprised at how often a copywriter is used for branding and advertising - with so many types of copywriters for a variety of different disciplines, any company, whether an international corporation, startup or local business, can benefit from the knowledge and creativity of a professional copywriter.

How can a copywriter benefit your business?

Copywriters use words in order to sell - making them great assets for all types of industries and businesses. Considering changing the face of your business? Or what about promoting a new product? Here at Copywriter Collective, our professional copywriters have hundreds of awards between them and are seasoned in a number of different copywriting disciplines. Their aim is to help transform your business, increase exposure and in return, increase sales. Our impressive portfolio of copywriters boast the most varied and experienced copywriters from Europe and around the world - practising in a number of different languages. So, what is a copywriter? With one phone call, you will learn not only what a copywriter does, but how they can benefit your business.

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What is a copywriter’s objective?

A copywriter needs to have an objective - or rather the client needs to have an objective. Usually, this would be to increase sales or promote a company through branding. However, copy can go further than that, it can also be required for educational purposes, express expertise or to teach and inform a reader of a specific topic. Copy can be applied to just about anything, as long as the client’s goal is being reached.

what is a copywriter

What types of copy can our copywriters do?

Online Digital Copywriting.

what is a copywriterOver the past 10 -15 years, SEO copywriting has become more in demand for websites and businesses. This is primarily due to the huge role search engines like Google have in exposing companies. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means that whenever you type a search into a search engine - say for instance, ‘What is a copywriter?’ a list of websites will pop up - all of which have carefully selected keywords that co-inside with your search words - or keywords. A piece of text on your website should include the right amount of keywords, combined with well referenced, accurate and informative quality writing - all of which helps to place the website higher in Google’s search ranking.
With SEO in mind, online digital copywriting would include website content, social media, email, blogs, apps, just to name a few. Because of the fast-pacing internet marketing industry, a copywriter who has a good grasp of SEO, social media and other types of digital marketing, will be able to promote the website, rank it higher on search website, increase traffic and in return see a significant growth in sales.

Advertising and Marketing copy.

The purest form of copywriting, advertising and marketing copy has been around since the invention of copywriting. This type of copy can be sub categorised into a number of varied printed materials. This could be anything from a slogan, to adverts, labels, packaging, brochures, circulars and mail or newsletters; the list goes on.
A copywriter would be able to plan and implement marketing campaigns that would lead to the advertising and marketing copy. All of which would lead to the branding and promoting of a company. This involves a great amount of time researching, brainstorming ideas and finally editing and writing a creative and compelling piece of text.

White Paper, legal and official copy.

Other than promoting a product, a copywriter is also hired to write, re-write or edit a piece of formal writing. This could be white paper writing, which involves a great amount of research to comprise an authoritative report. The purpose of a white paper would be to ultimately educate their audience on a specific subject or issue that would potentially lead to problem solving or making a decision.
Due to the specific industrial jargon, copywriters hired to complete a legal document or official government speech or document would usually have to thoroughly research the topic or have a background in the sector.

Translation, Editing and Proofreading.

Translating text helps a business expand internationally. A website’s content that can be read in a number of different languages can reach out to a bigger audience and finally see an increase in sales. A bilingual copywriter, or one which translates into a number of different languages, is able to rewrite a website, emails or newsletters accurately in each language.
What is a copywriter if they can’t turn an uninspiring text into a noteworthy pice of content? Part of the job is to take some writing, edit it and transform the text into something outstanding. Being handed some words and moving them around is what a copywriter does best.

What makes a copywriter stand out from the crowd?

There are many spectacular copywriters in the world, all of whom specialise in a number of different fields. But what makes a good copywriter? First and foremost, a copywriter has to be good at writing. But truly, what makes a copywriter unique in themselves is their creativity - they are able to take a few words and convince a reader to buy a product. If it’s anything more than marketing, such as case studies or emails, you want to keep the reader engaged. Reading should be easy and the audience should remain captivated right up until the final word without becoming disinterested in the topic.
Copywriters have to be versatile. It is not unusual that a copywriter will pivot from one client to the next, writing on a number of different topics for various different industries; from fashion to education or hospitality to health. With this in mind, they have to be quick learners, fast workers and good researchers.
They need to know their audience. A huge part of research is getting a better understanding of who their audience is. It’s all well and good writing an informative blog post, but it’s only going to be a success if the readers are interested in the topic. Once a copywriter gets to know their audience, only then can they really get down to the nitty-gritty and produce some great pieces of writing.
Now that you are fully informed of a copywriter’s role, why not give us a call today and find out what one of our professional copywriters can do for you. Call today on +31(0)20 320 5319.