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How can our copywriters help you?

We'll create effective concepts to help you outshine your competition Do you need to change your tone of voice or your content strategy? Do you want to reach out to a new market in another country to improve your sales? Leave it to us.

Improve your website's ranking on search engines

We'll use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make sure your website achieves the highest position on Google and other search engines, using keyword analysis to determine which search terms you need to target in all of your content. A good search engine ranking is essential for your online visibility and helps your customers find you. For example, if your articles only have a few sentences and contain generic information about your company, Google will have an idea of what your subject about, but it won't know specifically what your products and services are. The more words your articles have, the less uncertainty there is. That's why our copywriters and art directors invest a great deal of time in researching your brand so they can create fresh, engaging content that answers all of your readers' questions.

Quality content to improve your brand image

A well-designed website where customers can find all the information they need creates a good impression. The better your website, the better the user experience, which will help you achieve higher search-engine rankings. Our goal is to maximise your conversion rate - the percentage of page views which convert into purchases - so you can significantly improve your sales and revenue.

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How can you hire our copywriters?

Hire our copywriters for a professional translation service Are you looking for a copywriter to translate your copy from English into German or from Italian into Spanish? No problem! Let us know your requirements and we'll find the best person to take on the job. However, at the Copywriter Collective, we take things to the next level:

We offer a pioneering transcreation service

Rather than hiring someone to translate and write your content separately, we can offer a much more competitive service known as transcreation. Our bilingual copywriters will not only translate your copy accurately into one or more languages, they will also make sure your concepts and messages are clearly understood by your target market (and not misinterpreted!). Why? Because if you're a global brand, you'll know that cultural differences can make it harder to translate concepts and ideas effectively. When it comes to copywriting, nothing is more important than making sure your audience understands what you are saying. That's where we come in!

What else can we do for you?

Our copywriters and art directors can also help you build your social media profile or come up with a clever new brand slogan. Do you need a copywriter to work in your office five days a week for the next three months? Or would you prefer to hire someone to work remotely, part-time? No problem! Just give us a call and we'll find the best copywriter for the job, whether you're based in London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin or anywhere else.

Here are some of our leading copywriters:

Dave, English Creative Director, London our copywritersDuring his career, Dave has produced high-profile campaigns for prestigious agencies from London to Sydney, in industries ranging from media and retail to financial services and luxury goods. The winner of multiple awards such as The Golden Pinnacle at the Advertising Effectiveness Awards, he worked on the UK's first ever interactive ad, and was the UK Creative Director on Ford at the Blue Hive in 2014.
Claire, English copywriter, Berlin our copywritersNative in English, fluent in French, Claire once sold perfume at one of the world's largest perfumeries. Now based in Berlin, she has a diverse portfolio representing almost every major sector, from entertainment to electronics. She has also worked for the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce in Paris, and has written for leading agencies such as Publicis Dialog and Wunderman.
Edward, Dutch Copywriter, the Netherlands our copywritersNative in Dutch and proficient in English, Netherlands-based copywriter Edward has written for coveted agencies such as Publicis and Media Republic. Since 2001 he has worked on numerous major conceptual and creative campaigns in industries such as food, electronics, IT and energy, and has won a whole host of awards such as the Gold award at the London International Advertising Festival.
Stephan, French Copywriter our copywritersNative in French and fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Paris-based copywriter Stephan also has an impressive portfolio of award-winning work. He has worked on projects in sectors ranging from fashion to cars and finance to transport, and won the Gold Lovie award for the website 'Je suis l'eau d'Evian' ('I am Evian water').

Daniela, Italian Copywriter our copywritersBased in Milan, Daniela is native in Italian and proficient in English, and has worked in industries ranging from electronics and healthcare to entertainment and the non-profit sector. From annual reports to brand names and direct mail, her copywriting experience is diverse.

More about the Copywriter Collective

Copywriter Collective is a large, diverse international network of some of the world's leading copywriters, art directors, designers and other experienced creative professionals. From English SEO copywriters to French- and English-speaking conceptual copywriters, we have an enormous talent pool for you to choose from. We were founded in Amsterdam in 2002, and have rapidly expanded to become Europe's top international copywriting agency. Since then, we've witnessed the phenomenal growth of digital and social media, helping hundreds of brands of all sectors and sizes reach out to new audiences and expand their customer base. Our work is highly varied, ranging from brochures and websites to conceptual copywriting and branding.
Expert copywriters and art directors with an international mindset Our copywriters and art directors can produce outstanding content in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and other major languages. They have worked for some of the most famous advertising agencies in the world, which means they know their clients expect nothing less than the highest professional standards. While our client base is now incredibly broad, ranging from huge international companies to ambitious start-ups, our goal is still the same: To help businesses find the best writers to communicate effectively around the world. Explore our copywriters' profiles Take a look at our copywriters' profiles to see their portfolios and learn about their diverse skills and experience. Talk to us today and let us know what you require. Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, we'll help you reach your goal and realise your potential.