Medical science may be hard, but getting someone to write about it is easy.

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Well you’ve come to the right place. Copywriter Collective has the pick of the best freelance medical copywriters in Europe. Most have had several years of agency experience before turning freelance, and they are all adept in the many areas of medical copywriting – from initial ad and campaign ideas, to clinically referenced detail aids, to digital communications. To get a rough quote today for your current or future medical copywriting requirements, fill in the ‘prescription’ form in section 2; or to find out more about our offering check out the link below.

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A freelance medical copywriter is different to a science writer

First and foremost, medical writing should not be confused with science writing. The latter is generally written by medically- or scientifically- qualified people who write earnestly about molecules and complex modes of action. Medical copywriting, on the other hand, usually involves some kind of selling (i.e. the benefits of a drug to a healthcare professional in the hope that said person will prescribe said product for an identified illness or condition). A good medical writer doesn’t need a degree in biochemistry, but they do need considerable writing talent. Copywriter

Why don’t I just write it myself?

Medical copywriting is more than just writing. It’s communicating the unique benefits of a product (or service) in an engaging way that convinces KOLs to consider, doctors to prescribe, pharmacists and nurses to get on board, and patients to read and ask for more information. Easier said than done.

Okay, so how do I find a medical copywriter I can rely on?

Copywriter Collective has been going ten years and are agents for some of the best freelance medical copywriters in the world. We ensure our freelancers’ work is delivered on time, and on budget. You can browse the medical portfolios online or simply tell us what your requirements are and we’ll send you a suggestion of our medical writers.

How much will it cost me?

Simply fill-in one of our briefing sheets [link] and we will send you an estimate. There’s no obligation on your part to take it any further from there, but if you think the estimate is fair, we can be more accurate once we know more about the specifics of the job.