Hi! I’m Roger, Copywriter Collective’s leading copywriter in Dublin, Ireland. I’m a senior freelance Dublin copywriter who has worked in many of Ireland’s best advertising agencies from Rothco to ZOO Digital. As a copywriter of over a decade’s experience, I have written ad campaigns for all sorts of brands from whiskeys to banks. And I have won quite a few awards along the way for ads that are simple, effective and compelling.

Dublin Senior Copywriter                    

Based in Dublin, I write and create ads for everything from TV to radio to websites and social media. I also help brands of all sizes to generate ideas for promos such as events, business-to-business pitches & PR.

Roger is a freelance Irish copywriter but is open to working for brands from anywhere.

You can view samples of his work here, or view case studies below.


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Part of the hand-picked team of copywriters here at Copywriter Collective, Roger is here to help you smooth out your tone of voice for your audience.

Whether you need targeted web copy, fresh content or a whole new tone of voice, we have it covered. And all written by an expert Irish copywriter.

Or, if you need your copy translating to English, or into another language, you can rely on our experienced copywriters to take charge of your project.

Check out what our talented pool of copywriters at Copywriter Collective can do for you now.

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Best Copywriter in Dublin  

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I believe the best work comes from finding the truth about your brand or product and then telling that story in as engaging a way as possible. If you don’t stand out, you are wasting your time and money. Which are two things I really don’t like to do. So if you have a project you’d like to talk to me about please get in touch today. I’ll be straight with you and let you know if it’s right for me, and what you really need.

Here’s a snapshot of just three campaigns I’ve worked on from conception to execution.


1) Volkswagen: Resale Value

The task here was to convey the excellent resale value of VWs with a little VW smile, but without any budget to shoot; luckily I had a neat little idea. This went on to win the National Newspapers Press Ad of the Year. Campaign with Owens DDB.

Sample copy :

As per image. Short. To-the-point. Consumers rarely have the time, or inclination, to stop & read long copy anymore.

VW Award Wining Press Ad

“It’s really simple but it works on multiple levels. At the end of the day it’s a joke, but it succeeds in getting across a very serious point about the re-sale value of your car.” "We’d love to have done this ad and if we had, we would definitely be entering it in Cannes; it’s really that good.”

-NNI judges-

2) Food Safety Authority of Ireland

An awareness campaign, won via pitch, where we suggested shocking people into action. Aimed at loose food providers who were too loose with their attitudes.

Sample copy :

As per ad: Table for one. It’s your food. It’s your responsibility. It’s the law. Failure to provide accurate food allergen information in writing for your customers can have serious or even fatal consequences. Visit fsai.ie/allergens to learn how to comply Food Safety Authority of Ireland

FSAI campaign, matching radio

"This campaign was also done with ZOO Digital, Dublin. ZOO is consistently one of the top three Digital ad agencies in Ireland"

-DMA Awards-

3) www.SinglePotStill.com

I do a lot of whiskey work with brands such as Redbreast via ZOO Digital, and this is the umbrella brand–home to some of the finest whiskeys in the world. Copy was written by me; designed beautifully by ZOO Digital.

Sample copy :

OUR HISTORY : THE RISE AND FALL, AND RISE AGAIN Only a century ago Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey encompassed over eighty percent of the world’s whiskey supplies. But then came a series of historical events that almost wiped out our style of whiskey, all before its more recent and inevitable return to the world stage.

Nominated Best Brand DMA awards

"This was nominated for Best Brand 2018 in the Digital Media Awards. The site looks great and reflects the grandeur of the whiskeys."


More about Copywriter Collective Ireland


We only select the best, tried and tested copywriters here at Copywriter Collective. Picked for their experience and talent, we can always match the best writer to any project. If you need a native English-speaking freelancer to spice up your copy and attract bigger audiences, our pool of freelancers based in Ireland can help.

Our clever copywriters are selected to slot in with our eclectic, international portfolio of clients. Covering any platform, language and location, your brand will get VIP treatment every time.

We know that copy from locally-based copywriters is the smart way to answering any brief. That way, you’ll get the right person, with the right insight and experience for the job. Whether you need a translation, punchy article, or branding. Here in Ireland, the home-grown talent of local copywriters are here for you.

Plus, because we’re just around the corner, we can meet in person to chat through your brief. Contact us now to get in touch with Roger, our very own Dublin-based team member.


Roger’s Copywriting Experience:


Everything from TV ads to social media, branding and event ideas.

Selection of brands:

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, Spot Whiskeys, Pfizer, Irish Heart Foundation, Volkswagen, Electricity Supply Board [ESB], Mastercard, ŠKODA, Samsung, Heineken, AIB, Meteor, Hailo, FRUICE, GAA, Liberty Insurance, JUST EAT, and many more.

Awards include:

Nominated Best Creative Work 2018 for University of Limerick DMA Awards; Nominated Best Brand 2018 for www.SinglePotStill.com; DMA Awards Nominated Best Creative Work 2017 for MyMilkMan.ie [Moodolph] DMA Awards; Silver ICAD (Irish Creative Advertising & Design) for ŠKODA; Marketing Campaign of the Year (Pharmaceutical) for Pfizer; NNI (National Newspapers Of Ireland) Press Ad of the Year for Volkswagen; Love Radio Ad of the Month for ŠKODA; Best Ads On TV (Global) Ad Of The Week for John West outdoor campaign; Lürzer's Archive Magazine (International) Feature for John West; various other commendations and nominations in ICAD and Shark Awards + Best Use Of Small Budget for Meteor at APMC awards.

Pitches or new business wins include:

Jameson [Global]; Pfizer; City Jet [Europe wide]; University of Limerick; Woodie’s; Red Bull [Experiential]; Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Plus various others as well as B2B product pitches.

Please note: all the above are of course in conjunction with other agencies, very talented people and great clients. If you’d like to know the details of anyone else involved in those projects please just drop me a line.




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