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So, you’re looking for an art director? In that case you’ve come to the right place. Our stable of freelance art directors are all thoroughbreds. Each one has worked in ad agencies and chalked up their 10,000 hours of art direction. They’ve all been freelance for many years and have worked internationally. We also have specialists in different media and in different industries, so they don’t have to learn on the job. Fill in the form now for a quote. Or find out more below.

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An art director is an art director, right? Wrong.

There are different kinds of art director. Some optimise design for websites. Some art direct technical brochures for business to business clients. Some don’t do much art directing and just come up with highly creative TV commercials or the ‘big idea’ that’ll sell your brand. An art director is a specialist. That’s why we represent a range of them.

Why don’t I just do it myself?

Art directing is more than just making things look nice. It’s about communicating the unique benefits of a product or service in an engaging way that convinces people to buy. Easier said than done.

Okay, so how do I find an art director I can rely on?

Although we specialise in copywriting (there’s a hint in our name) we are also an agent for some of the best art directors in the world. This makes sense because copywriters and art directors go together like horses and carriages. We’ve been going ten years and in that time we’ve got down to a core of art directors who can be relied on for excellent art direction. Delivered on time, on budget. You can browse the portfolios online or simply tell us what kind of art direction or idea you need, what media you’ll use or what industry experience you’re looking for and we’ll send you a suggestion of the people.

Working with a freelancer? Is it all kosher?

There are many benefits of working with a freelancer in terms of flexibility, convenience and, of course, price. And when you hire them through the Copywriter Collective you have the additional reassurance of working with a well-established company with a reputation for integrity and professionalism.

Bottom line: how much?

Simply fill-in a briefing sheet and we will send you an estimate. If you want them to work onsite in your company or agency then you can negotiate an hourly or day rate in advance.   .