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Christophe, French Copywriter
place Paris

Christophe - French Copywriter

Christophe has been a professional copywriter for more than 20 years. He started in creative hotshops and worked for major perfume brands campaigns like Cardin, as well as food brands, short TV format launches.

Top Industry: Food and Drink     Languages: French, English

Awards 12 Awards    Clients 31 Clients    Agencies 15 Agencies    Industries 23 Industries      View Profile

Claudine, French Copywriter
place Toulouse

Claudine - French copywriter

French copywriter specializing in Luxury goods, Hotels & Tourism and Food & Beverages. Has travelled extensively and worked successfully for agencies and companies since 2001.

Top Industry: Services     Languages: English, French, Spanish

Awards 0 Awards    Clients 32 Clients    Agencies 18 Agencies    Industries 21 Industries      View Profile

Francis, French Copywriter
place Paris

Francis - French Copywriter

From fundraising to sales promotion, from bank communication to online buzz, from radio spot to annual report, Francis is a very skilled and experienced copywriter as good for short messages as long documents.

Top Industry: Non Profit     Languages: French, English

Awards 3 Awards    Clients 8 Clients    Agencies 9 Agencies    Industries 6 Industries      View Profile