5 outstanding English Copywriters in Berlin

Searching for the best native-English Copywriter living in Berlin? Browse our selection of the top bilingual English, Australian and American Copywriters in Berlin in 2018.

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Trish - Digital Copywriter

I help brands tell engaging stories to connect with customers in North America, the UK and Europe. So I know my trousers from my pants. Agencies, big brands, start ups, charities, government, public sector - I work with all of them.

Top Industry: Government    Languages: English

Awards 7 Awards    Clients 7 Clients    Agencies 12 Agencies    Industries 14 Industries      View Profile

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Christine - Creative copywriter

I am a Cambridge English graduate and a freelance writer, editor and translator with around 5 years worth of experience across a variety of sectors.

Top Industry: Entertainment    Languages: English, Spanish, French

Awards 3 Awards    Clients 8 Clients    Agencies 9 Agencies    Industries 6 Industries      View Profile

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Claire - English copywriter

I'm interested in where the arts and advertising meet and the psychology of communications. I offer over a decade of experience working for clients across the world (Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Moscow, Switzerland, New York, Boston, Chicago, LA, Montreal).

Top Industry: Beauty/Cosmetics/Perfume    Languages: English, German, French

Awards 2 Awards    Clients 20 Clients    Agencies 18 Agencies    Industries 22 Industries      View Profile

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George - Bulgarian copywriter

I come from the world of pop-culture, alternative/independent film and music. As a teenager in the 90s, I was constantly reading lifestyle magazines like The Face, i-D, Dazed & Confused, ultimately getting educated about art and pop-culture.

Top Industry: Food and Drink    Languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Russian

Awards 9 Awards    Clients 18 Clients    Agencies 23 Agencies    Industries 26 Industries      View Profile

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Nigel - English copywriter

English copywriter who has lived in Berlin for over 10 years. Speaks fluent German and understands the German market.

Top Industry: Automotive    Languages: English, German

Awards 15 Awards    Clients 24 Clients    Agencies 28 Agencies    Industries 32 Industries      View Profile