Hello, I’m Wendy, an American copywriter

I live in Granada, Spain.

I’m Wendy, a copywriter from the U.S. living in Spain. A hobbyist programmer, I thrive on highlighting details yet I’m just as enthusiastic when writing something to provoke emotion. I can take source copy in both Spanish and Italian and transform it into native English for a niche audience or for a broader demographic.

For the cycling industry, I write blogs, product descriptions, newsletters, and white papers to give brands the best material to appeal to their customers. As a career industry insider, as well as a racer and bikepacker, I know the cycling business from the inside out, from its short product cycles and its drive to “innovate or die,” to the trends with staying power.

I also write for consumer brands, such as Vogel NYC, Scoolinary, and vVardis, who are looking to break into or strengthen their presence in the highly competitive North American market. Sometimes this means crafting compelling marketing copy that appeals to fellow native speakers, other times it’s simply translating existing copy from Spanish or Italian to English.

My creative approach is anchored by my analytical mindset and further balanced by my calm and efficient demeanor. What I love most about what I do is finding new ways to transmit specific concepts, ideas, or ethos through words. Alongside writing, editing, and translating, I can provide strategic help with brand positioning for new and existing brands.