Hello, I’m Simon, English Copywriter

I’m British and I live in Manchester, United Kingdom

I write award-winning ads and market-changing strategies.

I’ve got gongs for financial and pharmaceutical work, as well as consumer brands. And for “blokey” ads as well as those written for mums.

I’ve won awards for being funny and for being hard-hitting; for being sensitive and for making complex things seem so simple that 84% more people wanted to buy them.

One of those award-winning pieces of work was chosen by Peter Souter (2002 D&AD President) as his favourite piece from 45 years of creativity from the D&AD Annual Exhibition.

I also won silver in the Best Radio Ad of All Time at the Roses awards. (The one that won gold was written by the Chairman of Judges, but hey.)

When WD-40 asked me to look at their marketing after years of flat growth, I gave them record sales.

When the (already very slick and efficient) Everest window company gave me one mailer to prove myself, I increased their sales by £1 million.

I wrote the line for Neilson activity holidays, “Relax as hard as you like” and increased their sales by 40%.

And here’s a recommendation from Steve Harrison, former Creative Director of the Ogilvy and Mather Group: “When I set up my agency…it was Simon and his partner Kitt Marr who set the standards to which we thereafter strove to adhere. Simon is not only a great ideas man. His understanding of marketing also equips him for the role of both senior planner and suit. He is, in short, James Webb Young’s “Advertising Man” personified”.