Hello, I’m Kathryn, an American copywriter

What might make my writing a fit for you? Companies hire me to elevate their brand but also to help them get out of hot water (think negative employee or guest reviews, opposition pieces for political campaigns, or employees in the news– not in a good way). I thrive on crisis communications, and I’ve successfully done messaging in this area for more than a decade.

On a lighter but just as important note, I’m equally passionate about storytelling, bringing a brand, product, or project to life. My writing highlights include work for B2B tech, design and manufacturing, hospitality, food and beverage, beauty brands, charities, and NGOs, as well as political campaigns. Some of the most fun I’ve had in recent years has been working solo and with a team of outstanding young Millenials on fun and impactful social media posts. This work has added thousands of new followers and improved website clicks and sales. My writing has also been put to the test: I’ve personally delivered in-person, radio, and television messaging. Nothing informs the writer like experiencing audiences influenced to act. I’d love to bring that experience and passion to your project!