Hello, I’m Julien, French transcreator

I’m French|Spanish and I live in Barcelona, Spain

I’m half French, half Spanish, born in Berlin, raised in Barcelona and Paris and currently living wherever my projects take me. With a huge passion for great ideas, new technologies, sociology and the place where they all meet, I am always exploring new creative horizons. I come armed with a sharp mind, strong visual skills, a hard-working attitude and a questionable sense of humour.

Through storytelling and strategy, my goal is to generate keen creative solutions that will help brands to connect with people. My experience covers concept and creative content development for digital, social media, video, verbal identity, long copy articles, blog posts, brochures, and more with which to inspire and motivate your audiences to action.
Being now specialized in international ad agencies, I have worked for agencies in Canada, Spain, France, Germany, England, Morocco, UK, Netherlands and Belgium…Where is yours!?