Hello, I’m Danny, English copywriter

I’m Malaysian and I live in Shanghai, China.

I never wanted to be a Copywriter. In fact, I stumbled into the industry by accident. I wanted to be a pilot. But I failed the required tests. Then, inspired by the movie ‘Reality Bites’, I wanted to be a musician and I taught myself to play the guitar. But it turned out that I don’t have the looks or the talent – so that dream went down the drain. A friend introduced me to copywriting. She knew I enjoyed writing the odd piece. So I took the plunge. That was 20 years ago.

But I never really think of myself as a writer. More of an opinionated old man. Words escape me. They play with me (not the other way around). However, I have things to say. Interesting ones (I hope). And I know how to say them in ways that will get attention. Thankfully, my work were recognised in major award shows. One Show, Cannes Lions, One Show China, London International Advertising Awards, Adstars, Spikes Asia, Adfest.

Thank you for staying with me till this far. I figure, if you’re still reading this, you must be curious about this Malaysian copywriter that resides in China who writes in English. I create work across all media.