Hello, I’m Daniel, Spanish copywriter

I live in London, UK.

Daniel is a conceptual copywriter living in London. He has worked in branding, Below the Line agencies and during the latest part of his career in digital agencies.

His seven-year experience as a copywriter began in a boutique branding agency where he learned the craft with brands like Shell and Bayer. After four years he transitioned into a Below the Line agency as a copywriter and then gradually moved up to Associate Creative Director, collaborating with Heineken, Sol, Dos Equis, LG and Huawei.

With the digital industry gaining traction he decided to go back to school, enrolling in Hyper Island for a MA in Digital Media in order to become proficient in digital, helping brands and businesses evolve from value chains to value constellations; this led him to the latest part of his career as a Creative Strategist, combining both his sensibility of the creative process with his passion for business strategy and innovation