Hello, I’m Cristian, Spanish creative copywriter

I’m Colombian and I live in Milan, Italy

This life begins like many others stories. But not finished with the Disney or Dreamworks classical “The end or They lived happily ever after”, cause it is nice to be a little original, just a little. Once upon a time a bizarre 22 year old colombian guy, with more flavor than curry Indian sauce, stood on a doorstep and attempted the impossible. His name was Cristian, one silly guy who was trying to bring money back home. What made his task impossible was people was tired of listening stories, essentially because there were not enough good stories everywhere. But no one had told him that selling rookie stories to bored and tired human beings 2016 years after Christ, plus the other bla bla bla years before, was impossible, and so he found it wasn’t and he tried. Indeed, he became terrific at writing stories.