Hello, I’m Christian, Financial copywriter

I’m British and I live in London, United Kingdom

I’m a business and financial copywriter, helping blue chip brands craft their messages to both consumer and B2B audiences. I write thinkpieces for CEOs, white papers for board directors, speeches for executives as well as editing annual reports and business journals. I served as editor of Delta, the IFoA’s thought leadership title, as well as exec editor of F&M, the ICAEW’s Finance and Management faculty magazine.

I regularly interview CEOs and CFOs, as well as attending numerous industry events both as an independent journalist and as a reporter for corporates in order to craft content for future use. I’m passionate about working closely with organisations to understand their needs. I believe that by collaborating closely, copywriters are far likely to deliver exactly what the client wants. All through my career I have looked to form partnerships with brands to get under the skin of their business in order to meet the brief in the best possible way.