Hello, I’m Carmen, Cross-culture Chinese copywriter

I’m Chinese and I live in Geneve, Switzerland.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Guangzhou, China, I have worked for years as a Chinese copywriter and graphic designer at a Guangzhou TV station and a cosmetic enterprise.

My later 23 years of life in Switzerland have been formed by my studies and professional experiences in Tourism, Media, Ads, Communication, Journalism, Copywriting, Translating, Editing and Proofreading, Fashion, PR and Marketing. I used to supply articles not only for traditional media such as well-known magazines and journals, but also high-quality digital contents for press releases, business reports or proposals, company profile content, blog content, web content, product descriptions, brochures etc.

In recent years, I have been supporting in particular European brands for their Chinese market development. I act as their Chinese voice, content manager and customer relations manager, help them in dealing with the Chinese social media and CRM campaign tasks. From a single piece of translation or transcreation work to a package of content services or big projects, I assist them to be stronger thanks to different levels of supports. My clients include tourist offices, luxury accommodations, private schools/clinics, cosmetic brands, foods and drinks, accessories brands, medical agents as well as many other high-end types.