Hello, I’m Andrew, an English copywriter

I live in Paris, France.

I’m also a French copywriter

For 27 years I’ve written ads, strategies, thought starters, content, manifestos and copy in English.

Some have even won me prizes in Cannes, Paris and New York, even a BAFTA. But better still,

I still adore writing them. More than ever. Truly, madly, deeply.

I’m both a strategic and creative writer.

It’s a rare mix that wins new business and puts brands on maps. Many pitches offer a glittering array of polished creative work, but not the crucial link between an insight and a single thought. The big idea is 90% of the work. No campaign or strategy lives without one. Simple. Ding. Likewise, only big, insight-led thoughts make brands unique. It’s why so many brands waste fortunes to stay alive.