freelance invoicing

How to invoice as a freelancer: Example invoice

How to invoice as a freelancer is one of the most common - and one of the most important - questions every new freelance copywriter asks. And rightly so. It's probably the most important piece of copy you will ever write as a copywriter! It's…
being a freelance copywriter

The joy of being a freelance copywriter

Becoming a freelance copywriter can be a daunting step. You must give up the security of a steady job and generate your own income. The benefits though, outweigh the risk 100-1. You can set your own schedule. You can say yes or no to work. You’ll…
SEO tips for copywriters

SEO advice for copywriters – What every freelancer should know before hiring an SEO

As you probably know, hiring a SEO company or specialist to optimize your website can be a difficult and nerve wracking experience. There are 1000s out there and how do you pick one? How can you be sure they're going to do a job? Now you know…
tender - charity copywriting

Charity copywriting: creatives working for free

"If you work in marketing or advertising...kill yourself" said Bill Hicks. "You have no rationalization for what you do, you are Satan's little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Rid the world of your evil presence." Not…