future of freelancing

The future of freelancing: Will all creatives be freelancers soon?

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'Freelancing' is no longer an euphemism for being out of work. In the States, where the economic situation is on the up, freelancers are an important force in the success of agencies pitching for new clients or realizing big projects. So, what…
overrated time off

Time off is overrated

I was born in 1973. Which means I’ve been part of that lucky and unique generation that has lived through the transition from analogue to digital. I remember telephone operators. I remember strips of 4 flashbulbs on 110 film cameras that actually…
how much should I charge

How much should a freelancer charge?

"What rate should I ask for?" is the most common question we get asked at The Collective by copywriters, art directors or designers. How much to charge for your freelance services is the million dollar question - of course asking for a million…
freelancer laptop

How to find work as a freelance copywriter

Are you an experienced copywriter thinking of going freelance? You might be nervous about it but don't be. If you have the experience, portfolio and contacts to be a freelance writer, it will be a doddle, and you'll wonder why you didn't do…
copywriting agent

5 ways to work better with your copywriting agent

So you've been signed up by an agent. Congratulations! Think all your problems are solved? Think again. Having an agent is only the first rung on a very long ladder and all those who have been with the agent longer are ahead of you - with good…
Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Copywriting in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Thinking of copywriting in Amsterdam - or somewhere else in the Netherlands? Want to work as a freelance creative? There are lots of possibilities for those keen to make the jump, here are some insights to make the landing easier. How to…
freelance invoicing

How to invoice as a freelancer: Example invoice

How to invoice as a freelancer is one of the most common - and one of the most important - questions every new freelance copywriter asks. And rightly so. It's probably the most important piece of copy you will ever write as a copywriter! It's…
being a freelance copywriter

The joy of being a freelance copywriter

Becoming a freelance copywriter can be a daunting step. You must give up the security of a steady job and generate your own income. The benefits though, outweigh the risk 100-1. You can set your own schedule. You can say yes or no to work. You’ll…
SEO tips for copywriters

SEO advice for copywriters – What every freelancer should know before hiring an SEO

As you probably know, hiring a SEO company or specialist to optimize your website can be a difficult and nerve wracking experience. There are 1000s out there and how do you pick one? How can you be sure they're going to do a job? Now you know…
tender - charity copywriting

Charity copywriting: creatives working for free

"If you work in marketing or advertising...kill yourself" said Bill Hicks. "You have no rationalization for what you do, you are Satan's little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Rid the world of your evil presence." Not…