cool ambient media executions

5 really cool ambient media executions

Seen as a non-traditional method of advertising, ambient media gets attention and it is extremely versatile. The term “Ambient Media” became commonly used in the advertising industry around 1999 when it was first coined. It is used as…

The ten worst slogans ever?

We first brought you the ten best, now here are what could be the ten worst slogans ever. What do you think? "Probably the Best Beer in the World" (Carlsberg Beer) How you would hope to sell some Carlsberg when you're just not sure how good…
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10 of the best: Advertising Slogans

Advertising slogans have long been the pitch where brands and products are either made or broken. A great advertising slogan can catch on fast with the general public and help to sell a product by increasing its brand reputation many times…

How to write slogans that work

Slogans are the fundamental and, often, the most important piece of a company’s marketing campaign. Companies spend thousands of dollars on copywriters, trying to find the perfect combination of words to draw in and retain customers. Take…
Original, Unique and Duplicate Content

Original, Unique and Duplicate Content… Why still the confusion?

Listen up. This is simple so I’m going to keep it short. There’s still a lot of confusion among writers when it comes to multiple copies of their work (i.e. blog post) circulating around the internet. Despite excellent technical articles,…
Copywriting don’ts

Copywriting do’s and don’ts (Pt II – the don’ts)

In the second part of our 'Copywriting do's and don'ts' here, rather predictably, are five copywriting don'ts. Actually there are six (which ironically probably breaks the most important rule: Follow the brief! Oh well, rules are there to be…
Copywriting do’s

Copywriting do’s and don’ts (Pt I – the do’s)

Sometimes the things you see in print just make you cringe! How did the copywriter get away with that? What were they thinking. So here's part one of 'Copywriting do's and don'ts'. Let's start with some things you've just got to do. 1.…
severe man - briefing

Why the creative brief is so important

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Sir Winston Churchill famously insisted that his generals summarize their reports using no more than a single side of paper. He’d have made a good account manager. While weeks and weeks of research might go into a creative brief there’s…
honey money

Long copy ads: gone but not forgotten

Of course, everyone will tell you that long copy is dead. Copy should be short and punchy. People don’t have long enough attention spans any more. People don’t like reading nowadays. Everyone will tell you that people are too busy in this…
transcreation guide

An insider’s guide to: transcreation

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In a series of three small articles, Claudine, freelancer in Translation, Transcreation and Copywriting, highlights the key features any freelancer should focus on to succeed in these areas. Part 2 is an overview of what a transcreation project…
copywriting guide

An insider’s guide to: copywriting

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In a series of three articles, Claudine, a French freelancer in Translation, Transcreation and Copywriting, highlights the key features any freelancer should focus on to succeed in these areas. As representing the most creative side of these…
secret of being an online copywriter

The secrets to being an online copywriter: Writing to get read

Do people actually read your website? You spent a long time writing it or a lot of money on a copywriter, so it's an important question. Don Seidenberg, an American freelance copywriter in Amsterdam, is one of The Collective's online copywriter…