4 hand-picked New York Copywriters

Desperate for the best New York Copywriter in 2018? Here are 4 of the most fast and flexible copywriters in New York we're working with right now. Hire one for concepts, copywriting or creative translations.

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John - American copywriter

I’ve worked as a copywriter and ACD for some of the world’s best ad agencies. The hours have often seemed endless and the demands bordering on the unreasonable – thank God!

Top Industry: Technologie    Languages: English

Awards 5 Awards    Clients 4 Clients    Agencies 8 Agencies    Industries 12 Industries      View Profile

Cedric, American Copywriter
place Brooklyn

Cedric - Creative copywriter

Award -winning copywriter with 15 plus years experience. My work has been recognized by American advertising competitions like The One Show...

Top Industry: Fashion     Languages: English, Danish, French, Swedish

Awards 11 Awards    Clients 23 Clients    Agencies 4 Agencies    Industries 12 Industries      View Profile

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place New York

Kindra - US copywriter

For the past eleven years I’ve created conversation-worthy brand experiences for clients who wanted something a little different, including the likes of Microsoft, TBS, Virgin Mobile, William Grant & Sons, American Express, and Google. I look at each job as a new opportunity to push the envelope of what is possible.

Top Industry: Electronics    Languages: English

Awards 12 Awards    Clients 22 Clients    Agencies 16 Agencies    Industries 14 Industries      View Profile

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Mark- US copywriter

If you’re reading this, you likely have a marketing or branding challenge on your hands. Well, you’ve come to the right place. For 20 years as a New York copywriter , I’ve developed campaigns for brands in nearly every category.

Top Industry:  Automotive   Languages: English

Awards 8 Awards    Clients 16 Clients    Agencies 14 Agencies    Industries 14 Industries      View Profile