Copywriter of the Week : Edward den Ouden


Meet Edward den Ouden, the professional tourist

I have always based my work in Amsterdam because I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, that’s why I choose to live and work there. Actually, it is more a metropolis in the form of a village. It’s a very creative city, partly because we don’t have a large international budget, so we have to be extra smart. In fact, in recent years there has been a larger demand for creative professionals from the Greater Amsterdam region, such as from Utrecht, Rotterdam and Brabant.

Edward Den Ouden

What I love most about working in Amsterdam is that I have a lot of freedom and flexibility. The city has a free-spirited atmosphere, which we can really thank the philosopher Spinoza for. Everyone is so welcome here, the professionals, residents, travelers – it’s the people that characterises the city. As I said, it is a village with the properties of a metropolis, it has the location, culture, opportunities and the possibilities.

I enjoy travelling and sometimes refer to myself as a ’Professional Tourist’. I have been everywhere, from the Cook Islands to South Africa, from Siberia to Miami. I would still like to see more of Scandinavia. My roots are in Estonia: my grandmother fled there in the Second World War and I have been able to track my family history from there. Somehow I always feel at home when I am there, even though I am never fully prepared well enough for the cold, even with a thick Dutch winter coat.

Considering my epithet is ‘professional tourist’, I haven’t worked abroad much. I once shopped in Singapore and once improvised for a week in Beirut, which was very interesting. You learn a lot from international contacts, especially universal thinking. Basic values ​​are the same everywhere for all people, yet humor is less universal. If I can ever work anywhere in the world, I would like to go to Bangkok. I practice Muay Thai, kickboxing, then you’re on the cradle there. I train at least once or twice a year for a few weeks in Khao Lak, Thailand. As a freelancer you can make time for that.

When I began as a freelancer, I started working at international agencies such as Bozell, Euro RSCG, Leo Burnett and TBWA. I have been an active Freelance since 2001, so I already have quite a few freelance meters on the odometer.

I have worked a lot for airlines such as KLM and Transavia, but also for P & O Ferries, Secret Escapes and the bus travel organization Oad. My talent is seeing the bigger picture, a concept. From a core idea, I can fill in the gaps using various forms of media. This could be a homepage take-over or an interactive experience that captivates people. I think that’s what sets me apart from other freelancers.

Miguel Angel Jimenez

KLM / Miguel Angel Jimenez

Nowadays, I prefer to work online. It’s much more fun when guaranteed 2 million people see your work for sure, instead of a commercial on TV that everyone ignores. There are more possibilities online, especially in film.

I don’t have one regular customer on the advertiser side. I’m used by communication agencies who know my working method. I have many permanent contacts there. You can hire me for a specific assignment or I participate in the daily routine of a company. A puzzle that a desk has not been coming from for months has often been cracked in minutes. Incidentally, I don’t charge per hour. I work on location and from my own office, a houseboat in the famous Prinsengracht.

Although I am proud of the work I have done for Philips Streamium and KLM, I am yet to make my most beautiful masterpiece. I’d like to be put to the test – bring it on!


Philips Ad Examples

Philips Ad Examples


The copywriter of the past is dead and now work is more online-focused, however, I recently produced some online work for Coca Cola that I am proud of.


coca cola


coca cola 2


coca cola


coca cola

coca cola


coca cola

I now call myself ‘Creative’ with a strong focus on copy. In addition, I can also be used purely as a text writer, which I also really like. In fact, these have become two different disciplines.