Copywriting Competition: Non-Religious Christmas Card Greeting

The endless crowds at the seasonal sales, the untangling of Christmas lights, wondering how many Christmas songs will be stuck in your head before the month is over…Yep, it’s that most wonderful time of the year: Christmas! Of course, these days, the spirit of Christmas has less to do with anything religious and more to do with throwing on your favourite Christmas pullover.

That spirit also extends to to our Christmas card greetings. Like gifts, Christmas greetings are something we all must give and receive. But aside from that silly photo card of your cousin’s family or that card with €5 in it from an elderly relative who forgets you’re now an adult, how many Christmas cards are you really likely to remember?

We are all familiar with the standard non-religious, non-too- anything kind of greetings that seem to blanket each holiday season. Well, what if you could say something a bit different and more personal?!

This month’s challenge is to create a non-religious Christmas card greeting.

Make your greeting stand out from all the other ones we will receive this year. It could be full of punchy Ho Ho Ho’s. Or as sugary sweet as your homemade eggnog. Or, perhaps it includes a funny quip about Rudolph the Reindeer. Simply share your Christmas spirit with us—all while keeping it non-religious. After all, it’s the spirit of Christmas that everyone can get into!

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The Prize

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How to Enter

Send us your non-religious Christmas card greeting right here below in the comment section. You may leave up to 5 comments per person. So bring on that Christmas cheer! And the more the merrier! Let’s make this Christmas a little bit brighter with your words.


In order to be eligible for this competition, please leave a comment before 12 AM (Western European Time) on Saturday, December 18th. We will then post the top five entries on our Facebook page within 48 hours and you can vote for your favourite. Once the result has been decided we will send the winner their prize.

Until then, we send you loads of Christmas cheer!