Copywriting Competition: Best Call to Action

Short and sweet: nothing gets straight to the point like the perfect Call to Action. Although we all try to avoid clicking, being only human, we’ve all been tempted on at least a few occasions to click an enticing CTA button.

While it may be easy to see why people click on a cat video, getting people to click on a CTA button is bit trickier. Designers debate the most actionable colours and experiment with different shapes and positions. While us copywriters only have words to play with.

Many of us have written our fair share of Call To Action messages. There’s the brand’s voice to think of, the target audience, the emotional response… It’s hard work, we know!

Now it’s time to sit back and try one for fun.

Copywriting competition is now closed, please vote HERE!

The challenge: Give us your best CALL TO ACTION.

The brief: Let’s keep it in house. Copywriter’s profiles on have a simple CTA: “Book this freelancer”.  But could it be better? We think so. What would you want on your profile? Maybe it’s something like “Let me loose on your business” or “Work with this writer today!”word is bond

Feel free to think outside the box (pun intended) — The objective here is to create something as click friendly as possible.

The prize

The best Call to Action will be rewarded with their very own button. The handmade “Word is Bond” enamel pin will look stylish on your jacket or bag and show everyone just how serious you are about your words.

How to enter

Enter your Call to Action by leaving a comment in the comment box below. We accept up to 5 entries per person. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with.


We’ll be accepting entries up until the 27th of November so there is still plenty of time to get started. Show us your best Call to Action below.

And the winner is: