Copywriting Competition: Define an Art Director

Art Directors. Love them or hate them? Are they the people who bring an ad together or just a fancy title for a glorified graphic designer? However you think of them, concisely defining what they do to someone outside advertising is difficult. That’s your challenge: Define an Art Director!

Copywriting competition is now closed and the winner is… Christy!

In six words or less, how would you define an Art Director?

Don’t hold back. Say what you really think. Or try the opposite tact and kiss up to your “favourite” Art Director. They might be good at a layout, but we know you’re great at finding the right words.

The prize

The best description will be awarded a copy of this advertising bible.Art Director

How to enter

Type your entry in the comments box below. We accept up to 5 entries per person.


We’ll be accepting entries until 12th April, so let Art Directors know how you really feel!

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Art Director