Xmas Copywriting competition

Describe Santa – Copywriting Contest

St. Nicholas, Père Noël, Santa Claus – you’ll never find anyone else who has so many nicknames. No matter what you call him, everyone has their own way to describe this jolly ol’ elf. So for this month’s competition, we’re going to run a quick Xmas Copywriting Competition to round out the year:

xmas copywriting competitionClosing date
Make sure to have your entries in by Monday 19th December. The winner will be announced Friday 16th December.

We choose the top 3 and throw it out to our elves on our social media channels (Twitter, FB and Linkedin). Whichever entry gets the most likes/retweets/comments within 24 hours wins.

How to enter?
It’s easy, just scroll down to the comments box below and type in your entry. Post your personal details as well so we can contact you and link to you at the end if you win. You can also comment on other people’s entries if you like their ideas.

The Grand Prize
The prize for this jolly winner will be full of Christmas cheer – a festive surprise to make your holiday a little brighter.

So put on your creative elf hat, but don’t get on the naughty list – keep it clean! Feel free to add some humor as well.

 xmas copywriting competitionxmas copywriting competition